2021 – collaborative project, video, performance 
Niki de Saint-Phalle middle school, Saint-Denis
Production : Création en cours residency, Les ateliers Médicis

Conception of an obstacle course was in collaboration with the CM2 class of Niki De Saint-Phalle school, Saint-Denis. In the spring of 2021, the obstacle course was performed  on the rooftop of the Myriam Makeba school in Saint-Denis.

After months of reflection through games, drawing, writing and video experimentation, we collectively designed an obstacle course. 
Through this exploration, each participant creates a form to act as a shield against a fear or difficulty evoked through this period of reflection.
Each sculpture is designed to be worn in different ways, functioning both as an obstacle on the course as well as a shield, once on the body. Their notches allow them to be assembled together. Together, the sculptures intertwine to create an overall image of the class identity. Conceived as a tableau vivant, the obstacle course features the sculptures.

The inventory and the card game

Costumes are placed on the side of the race track ready for the performance. Referees play a card game  to determine which costumes are placed on the track. A card with a drawing of one of the costumes is pulled to determine where the obstacle/ costume will be placed.

The rules

To overcome the obstacle placed on their running lane, each player must wear the costumes. The crossing lanes are drawn so that the players cross and connect gradually mutating bodies into a collective whole.

The goal

Reaching the podium by creating it collectively.

There are no winners or losers.

The collective balance, precarious and perilous, will form the final image. United by the same “garment”, this choreographed gathering evokes the idea of a model of collective intelligence, without hierarchy, guided by mutual aid.

Comme des anneaux de magicien, 2021
Performance, obstacle course
Myriam Makeba middle school, Saint-Denis, France

Performative sculptural elements
Sculpture, dartboard, paper
Variable dimensions

Cart game to activate by referees
59 x 91 mm

Obstacle race’s teaser
Vidéo HD, 8’00