Crédit photo : Jeremy Bobel, dessin : Maximilien Pellet

Exposition collective, 23.06 – 15.07.19
70 bis rue Notre-dame-des-Champs, Paris
Une proposition de Simon Zaborski et Julia Borderie

Avec : Martin Balmand, Gabriel Baribeau, David Bellemare, Jeremy Bobel, Julia Borderie, Cécile Bouffard, Feriel Boushaki, Les froufrous de Lilith, Angele Guerre, Livia Johan, Eloïse Le Gallo, Anaïs Leroy, François Maurin, Gloria Maso, Livio Mosca, Olivier Magnier, Rebekka Deubner, Maximilien Pellet, Victor Vaysse, Allan Villavicencio*, Simon Zaborski, Camille Zehenne

*Poster édité par Lapin Canard
@ Atelier Berger Milà

Lets try and remember. Before reminders and notifications before calendar and calculator earlier than maps prior to clock and long previous to flash light. Lets recall a place a zone if you will separate from system and far away from contacts. A zone that held those tools differently and governed by different means than our own hands. Lets remember that nostalgia is a lie and those basic rhythms perpetuate despite ourselves. If we can place ourselves there in the zone however forbidden it may feel then we can stalk ourselves into a constant discipline. A diaspora of time lost.