Exposition collective, 70 bis rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs

Une proposition de Simon Zaborski et Julia Borderie
Avec : Mounir Allaoui, Isidoro Alvarez, Méryll Ampe, Martin Balmand, Jeremy Bobel, Sabira Bouflah, Cécile Bouffard, Julia Borderie, Pierre Dusaussoy, Livia Johann, Olivier Jonvaux, Tim Karbon, Bérénice Lefebvre, Eloïse Le Gallo, Anaïs Leroy, Olivia Marx, Francois Maurin, Gloria Maso, Maximilien Pellet, Mélody Raulin, Mathilde Rives, Francesc Ruiz Abad, Craig Spence, Maxime Testu, Victor Vaysse, Dan Vogt, Simon Zaborski, Camille Zehenne & Bulle Meignan

Come one come all. We can look forward to plenty, the hour of the lotus has arrived and the wayward mimsy that is carried on our shoulders will evaporate into ethereal forgetfulness. There is a lot to talk about, but many aspects are too marvelous to quantify however too glorious not to mention if only grazing the surface in this most humble of invitations.
        First we must welcome each other, because in these times when winter slithers forward like a grey unwelcome leetch, we have only our good cheer and hot soup to ward off the vile, toothy succubus. We must welcome the scrooges with pursed lips and pockets blistering with silver, we must welcome the meek for they too have vertebrae, we must welcome any who claim they are friends because there is reason to celebrate and celebrate we will.

       Come and laugh with printmakers, cry with painters,  dance with sculptors, lay gaze on the performers and make love to the musicians. Feast with your eyes as their work ushers our minds into a festive fervor with merriment to much to bear. Spend your hard earned or hardly there currencies to help support these purveyors of culture, ancient technique and contemporary wisdom. Take the work from this saturnal temple and install it in your own sacred spaces to remember this day always and forever. Play the games of chance that bring you closer to one another, listen to the sweet sounds that nourish the air like honeyed ambrosia.

Still hungry? Good. Because this is not the Last Supper, this is The First. Ready your hungry bellies for splendours not of this earth. Splendours that will exist in such multiplicity as to make believe you have been fasting your entire  well  lived  lives. And we will not forget about the drink of which, let us just say, that some things are best waited for as surprises.
       So let us surprise ourselves and exult in the bounty of production that is offered by these prolific and gracious people on this coming Saturnalia.

Simon Zaborski